Welcome to DISTURBIA, we are a site that has decided to take the world that the directors and producers of the covenant did and mixed it up, put our own twist onto it and have turned it into such a sensation that we just can't get over how awesome it all sounds. We figured that if witches and warlocks could exist then why not the other supernaturals? Why not put them into the middle of the war that they didn't even know could exist. We know that not many have even heard of the movie but I will say this, if you enjoy underworld I am sure you'll enjoy this, from the makers of Underworld it lives up to the glory the Directors and Producers gave to Underworld.


Euphoria: a state of mind where one is in pure bliss. For four boys it is the state of mind that consumes them when they use the intoxicating ability they were granted at the of age thirteen. For five years they get to use this mysterious power, free of it's aging effects. This gift, however comes with three rules each are required to follow; tell no one, do not be seen, and do not break the covenant of silence.

Welcome to our own little Disturbia, Ipswich. It's a quiet little town with a distubring phenomenon taking place on it's streets. Vampires and Werewolves have always fought between themselves to achieve dominency, and now they fight have another reason: to purify their bloodlines. Supernatural halfbreeds are being hunted and slaughtered by Vampires and Werewolves, alike. Hundreds have been killed, families destroyed by hunters from both sides of the war. Now the remaining halfbreeds seek the help of the witches that reside in Ipswich, praying they bring order to the chaos.

Let confusion reign supreme as Ipswich becomes a supernatural outlet. Spenser Academy has become a breeding ground for not only the elite, but the strange and bizzare. It's always the small towns that turn into supernatural beacons, but there may be a true reason as to why it is. This town holds a dark secret that is soon to be revealed as powers collide and superiority becomes more than a school clique problem. You know what they say; small towns hide big secrets.

it is currently the year 2010 and it is mid october. fall festival is just around the corner and the weather continues to grow colder and colder everyday.

the fall festival is to start soon, posters scatter the halls, it seems that the theme is a red carpet affair. so dress in those hollywood styles and be sure to have that date by october 15th. the dance starts at 6pm and goes on until midnight.

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