werewolves are the most territorial and hot tempered of any mythological species found in ipswich. naturally they are a pack member and you can find several families of werewolves living in one large house known as a pack house. they follow a single leading "family" known as the alpha family. being pack beings they thrive on company of others, especially that of their own kind. if they become rogue or are kicked out of a pack they will usually do pretty well but will often secretly urn for the company of others, anyone at all will do for them. for males the need is a tad stronger, wishing to find that one female they can call their “mate” for the rest of their lives. Now no, they are not like your typical movie werewolf, they don’t look half human half wolf. They change into fully grown wolves that are very very large, about the size of a polar bear. They can change at will, but when the lunar cycle comes to it’s peek on the full moon the urge to change is a hundred times harder to resist, and usually can’t resist, the more they resist, the more emotional and temperamental they get. Usually snapping at those they don’t mean to snap at.

living statusEdit

Werewolves are not immortal. Werewolves age and werewolves will eventually die. When they hit a certain age, usually around the age of 45 it becomes harder and harder to change, eventually loosing the ability to change all together.Edit


There are two things that werewolves are really weak to. That being pure concentrated silver, but it must enter the body, touching it will do no harm. It must enter the body in some way for it to be deadly. Another weakness would be high frequency noises, it can make their ears bleed, cause pounding headaches, noise bleeds, and extreme moodiness.