Now witches are also special in their own little way just like shifters. They have their own unique power, one unique power. With that power of course comes their weaknesses so weaknesses differ from witch to witch. Powers also differ witch to witch, usually dealing with linage as well. If mom is a witch your character most likely will get that power or something close to it. Yes that's right, if mom is a pyrokinetic that means your character can't by a hydrokinetic and vice versa. Powers must be linked by linage end of story. And only one power per character, even if both mom and dad were witches your character only gets one power so choose carefully. If you need a list of powers that we might allow please go here.

living statusEdit

Witches are humans with powers, witches are not immortal. They can die from injury, sickness, famine, hunger and anything else like that.

Eclipse CovenEdit

In 1590 Scotland an unknown amount of witches were killed off in the North Berwick Witch Trials. It started when a group first discovered their abilities and caused half of their villiage to loose their minds from hearing voices and feeling as if they had been controlled by the "Devil". The witches that still exist in this coven seem to have some sort of mental ability. If your character is going to be even loosely part of the Eclipse Coven they are going to have abilities listed here, only those in pink are allowed for eclipse coven.

Solar CovenEdit

Trier Witch Trials in 1581-1593 over a large part of Germany killed over 368 witches and humans alike. This is where they killed witches and humans alike with drowning, because many weren't phased by that of fire. This was because these witches had fire related abilities. Ranging from control over the flame to creating the flame out of nothing. Many powers that were related with the Solar Coven were Pyrokinesis, Temperature manipulation, Electrokinesis, and Helliokinesis. There weren't many powers to be found with the Solar coven sadly, and this is why so many were killed.

Tesla TrinityEdit

1612 in Lancashire the Pendle Witch Trials it was estimated that fewer than 500, the Tesla Trinity as they have called themselves can control energy in all shapes and form. These witches were tortured before they were killed. There were 9 families accused and hundreds others that were tortured for information about them. Most killed her innocent humans. These nine familes carried the last names of Device, Southerns, Whittle, Redferne, Bulcock, Nutter, Hwitt, Gray, and Preston. two thirds of these families were killed off. Look here and here for a list of powers allowed.


The Carnals were discovered in Germany the Bamberg Witch Trials in 1626-1631 killed anywhere between 300 and 600 witches and humans combined. These people were very odd, simply because the smallest of them were the strongest and the largest were the fastest. Many of these witches surivied simply because of the physical enhancements. With super strength and super speed. They had physically enhancing powers and there for had an advantage over those hunting them, and ran for safety. Look here for powers the Carnals would have.